Pink Quote MarkI went in 50/50 with my boss. We did quite a lot of research and we found Katy’s website and it had just fantastic reviews. It was expensive but we knew that with that we were getting the best training we could possibly get. It’s nice that you have a relaxed environment of just you and the trainer. I think that is key to bringing the best out of you. It’s a very permanent thing, it’s a very serious thing, you have to make sure you’re doing the best, and having the best training is obviously key.”

Hannah Makeup Artist
Hannah, Permanent Makeup Artist, Suffolk

Pink Quote MarkI have discovered my new first love. I did have a look at quite a lot of companies and one of the most important things that drew me to your company is the one to one training and the amount of experience that Katy had and the way you presented yourself. I think it is really straight forward and what you see is what you get. With other companies, they were not that straight forward. I’ve done quite a few visits to professional beauty exhibitions and I was looking really to find a good company, but I am just so thrilled that I’ve made the right decision.”

Maneula Croatia
Manuela, Salon Owner, Croatia

Pink Quote MarkI trained with Katy 3 months ago. I’ve gone from £10 per hour as a Beauty therapist to £700 in a day. I’m on the cusp now of serious earning potential. For me it’s not even about the money, it’s about the customer being happy with the treatment. The money is a bonus.”

Michelle Devon
Michelle, Skin Care Rep & Beauty Therapist, Devon

Pink Quote MarkI trained with Katy 8 years ago and it’s been great. I was worried there were not enough clients out there. Tomorrow I’ve got 7. Comparing the money I earnt in beauty therapy is completely different.  I work less hours and earn more money. It’s fantastic.  Because I’ve got children its convenient because I can still be a mum.  I’ve been able to do the school run and work around my family.”

Tracey Kent
Tracey, Beauty Therapist, Kent