Pink Quote MarkThe support level is absolutely incredible, and you’ve covered everything. I’d advise any student thinking of training in permanent makeup to train here with Katy. It’s tailor-made, it’s just so different from a normal off the shelf course and you also provide all the extra advice on running a business.

Every question that I’ve ever thought of all week has been answered, and you elaborated it to a whole new level, there is just nothing that you haven’t covered and anything I’ve said you not only have an answer for it you also have a complete manual or DVD on it as well, it’s been amazing.”

Ashley Devon
Ashley, Hairdresser, Devon

Pink Quote MarkI wanted the best training I could get as it’s your starting point, your foundation for your business. After looking into the competition I found Katy’s company was the best.

I’m amazed, she’s a genius. I’ve got around 40 people lined up treatments. Katy’s so amazing, she’s so patient, had time to teach me everything and just a really lovely person as well & so easy to talk to. Katy’s gone so in-depth with each procedure, that I feel really confident that I can do it. She’s gone step-by-step and really broken it down, it’s amazing.

She really encourages you every step of the way as well. She is really positive and it makes learning from her a lot easier. She makes it seem so simple, it’s really good. Katy’s just also done my brows and she’s transformed them. These are the brows I’ve always wanted. I’m made up, I’m so happy.”

Sam folkstone
Sam, Makeup Artist, Folkestone

Pink Quote MarkIt was so much more than I expected. Katy has given me so much confidence. Its been absolutely amazing. I went from knowing nothing about semi-permanent makeup. Its nowhere near as difficult as it seems. Everything’s been so good, they (clients) are all happy and skipping out of the door and asking for more. Katy’s very clear and has so many ways of teaching you things. There’s not one thing that I don’t feel confident in. I’d recommend it 110%.”

Karla from Glasgow
Karla, Salon Owner, Glasgow

Pink Quote MarkBeing a provider was a big thing for me. I was always conscious I had to put a roof over our heads and bring in the finances. Everything I wanted to do since becoming a full-time permanent makeup artist and training with Katy has now been done. I put my daughter through private school, new car, and just doing the things in life that make me happy. I’ve got a balance. I love coming back here.”

Emma Cleave
Emma, Employed Beauty Therapist, Surrey