Pink Quote MarkBefore with the previous training company, the confidence was taken away from me. I just thought to myself I know I can do it but I just needed a company that was supportive. This training was absolutely amazing, now I’m totally confident about what I do whereas before I wasn’t!”

Jo, Spent over £11,000 training elsewhere, in a group & left before completing her training

Pink Quote MarkIt’s been a thousand percent better. I was literally struggling to draw an eyebrow as I’d learned so many techniques with different pieces of equipment so I just couldn’t for the life of me get them to look like normal brows. Katy took me back to basics just both measuring and eyeballing way to get if perfect. She made it so much easier, I feel that now I know how it should look. You just don’t feel like you are training. It just feels like you are hanging out with a friend but she really does get everything through, and she is quite laid back with it but at the same time she’s making sure you are doing everything she’s taught. The girl knows her stuff.”

Kay Redcar Testimonial Image
Kay, Spent over £10,000 training in a large group

Pink Quote MarkThis training has exceeded my expectations. I thought I might come and still not get it. There’s a part of me that feels surprised that I got it. Last night I couldn’t sleep properly. I was so excited about coming in for more training. Its been challenging, learning new stuff and being creative. Your kindness, warmth, and generosities are very touching. It’s up there with the best training I’ve ever had in my life. I knew it would be useful but now I feel ready now and I CAN DO THIS.    ….. Exciting times…”

Cauline, Spent over £12,000 training elsewhere & had no confidence

Pink Quote Mark“I’m a full-time flight attendant and although I thoroughly enjoy the job and lifestyle I was fascinated by permanent makeup. Over the past 18 months doing permanent makeup, I have struggled to keep up with the demand! Working my socks off over the last two years really has paid off. I bought my first flat and permanent makeup has been fundamental in doing that.”

Gemma Air Hostess Testimonial Image
Jemma, Air Hostess, Brighton