Pink Quote MarkWhen I looked through Katy’s experience, it was amazing so I thought if I’m going to learn from someone I want to learn from her. I’ve learned so much. Katy’s a Superwoman. How she does everything that she does, I have no idea. She’s just amazing, absolutely brilliant. I’d recommend it to anybody.”

Jade Essex
Jade, Spa Manager, Essex

Pink Quote MarkTwelve months after training with Katy, I’m making £9,000 per month working just 3 days a week. Katy makes sure it works for you, she helps you in every aspect. The support side has just been worth it for me. If I’ve had any problems or questions no matter what time day or night she always gets back to me.”

Courtney Exeter
Courtney, Beauty Therapist, Exeter

Pink Quote MarkI’ve really enjoyed it. I feel really confident to start working on people definitely. It’s been the best week.

I like that all the training is 1 to 1 & that Katy concentrates on natural makeup and nothing too extreme. I look forward to getting into the business side using the marketing mentoring program as I haven’t looked into that before.”

Helen London
Helen, Eyelash Technician, London

Pink Quote MarkI did so much research before I booked my training. I found Katy on a Blog, explaining what to look out for when spending money on a course. Best training course I’ve ever done. I just understand it all. I’ve never been bored. I’ve been interested the whole time. I want to branch off on my own and be more independent. It Was Awesome…Better Than Expected, it was Wicked..I’m Buzzing, so Happy.”

Bianca Kent
Bianca, Beauty Therapist, Kent