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Thinking About Starting a New Career in the Permanent Makeup Industry?

Warning! -Don’t Even Think About Training In Permanent Makeup …

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You’re Future Career Depends on it!

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Discover Everything You Need To Know About Training In Permanent Makeup Even If You Have Never Had Any Training In The Beauty Industry… Download the 2014 Permanent Makeup Training Course Prospectus Now!

2014 Permanent Makeup Training Course Prospectus
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“Great News For Stay At Home Mums…”

Who Is Best Suited To Permanent Makeup Training and Becoming a Fully Qualified & Proficient Permanent Makeup Technician?

There is no one set criteria to who can and who cannot train in permanent makeup and from our past students here is a small subsection list of backgrounds, all of which have gone on to run their very own successful permanent makeup businesses:

Traditional Industry Oriented Backgrounds

  • Hair Stylists
  • Health Beauticians
  • Make-up Artists
  • Massage Therapists
  • Nail Technicians
  • Teeth Whitening & Spray Tanning Specialists
  • Dentists
  • Salon Owners
  • Mobile Beauty Technicians
  • Tattoo Artists
  • Nurses
  • Botox & Filler Specialists
  • etc


Non Industry backgrounds

  • Back To Work Mums
  • Stay At Home Mums wanting part time work & full time wages
  • Payroll clerk
  • Office Administrator
  • Waitress
  • Airplane Cabin Crew
  • People made redundant from non Beauty Type Jobs
  • Secretaries
  • Teachers
  • Bar/Restaurant Workers
  • Childminders
  • Retail staff
  • etc

So as you can see it’s not necessary to have already had a career in the beauty industry to consider training in permanent makeup. What is more important is your commitment to yourself to learn a new skill and the desire to be successful providing a service that really changes peoples lives.

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What Will I Be Trained In.. What Will I Learn?

Permanent Makeup Training CourseWho better to start your Permanent Makeup Career with,
than personally training one to one with Katy Jobbins
one of the UK’s top permanent make up artists and trainers.

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Before You Invest Your Money in
Permanent Makeup Training
Read Katy’s blog post on
How To Select Who You Train With…

12-things-you-must-know-about- Permanent Makeup Training(Click here or the image above)

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Watch Katy’s Inspirational Personal Story
- How I Got Started In Permanent Makeup

Click here for full details of the Complete Permanent Makeup Start-up Training Course

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You guys are absolutely amazing, you have taught me so much about techniques, marketing and stuff that I didn’t even think I was going to learn. I can’t wait to come back and learn more. Katy’s training technique was very easy and I am confident to go back & start tomorrow when I get back home”  – Manuela From Croatia



“Student Reviews..”

Watch and Listen To What Other Students Have To Say About Training at the Permanent Makeup Training Academy

What Students Think Of Our Training

“Full Time Wages Part Time Hours”

“This Course Was Absolutely Amazing – Worth Flying From Croatia”

See How Jade’s Confidence Grows Over Her 7 Day Training (two courses)

“I was amazed how easy it was doing my first real client…. Kate really is  a Superwoman!…”

  Mum Of 3 Starts New Career In Permanent Makeup

  “£100  Tip In My First 3 Months”

  “90 Requests On Facebook Even Before I Had Finished My Training”

(You can watch even more student review videos by clicking here)

Read Genuine Student Written Reviews
On Why They Chose To Train With The Permanent Makeup Academy

why did you choose to train with the Permanent Makeup Training Academy Student review 1

why did you choose to train with the Permanent Makeup Training Academy student review 10

why did you choose to train with the Permanent Makeup Training Academy student review 3(You can read more student reviews by clicking here)

Also View A Selection of  Thank You Cards From Permanent Makeup Training Academy Students

Permanent Makeup Training Thank-you-cards
(Click here or the image above to see more Permanent Training Academy Student Thank you cards)

“Fantastic, really quite intensive, it covered everything. Katy’s given me so much more confidence. She covered everything from the consultation to the aftercare. She was so approachable, you could ask her anything. I feel that Katy has covered everything and simplified everything & made it look less like rocket science. It was fantastic fun & I would recommend anyone to come here for training!”

- Jan Hoult, Sussex

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Exclusive 1 on 1 Training

All our permanent makeup training courses and workshops are completed 1 on 1 by Katy Jobbins, Industry Author, Award Winning Permanent Make up Artist and Producer of many instructional DVDs. (founder of Permanent Makeup Training Academy) No questions go unanswered and you have Katy’s undivided attention for the full duration of the training.  KatyJobbins-bio-image-2014blank divider

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Train In A Real Clinic Environment

We train you in a real clinic environment. You will have the option to be trained at Katy’s head clinic/training centre in West Sussex or her Harley Street Training Centre. You will be trained in a real everyday Permanent make up clinic environment, giving you genuine working experience in the permanent makeup industry. Alternatively you can be trained in your own clinic/salon.

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Train With A True Artist

Who better to train you in permanent makeup than an actual artist. Katy studied fine art at john Leggot college, in Lincolnshire. She has exhibited in galleries both locally & internationally. Her highest selling painting sold for £11,000. She will be able to pass on, some highly advanced permanent makeup drawing & colouring techniques to you.


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Katy Continues To Perform Eyebrow Treatments, Eyeliner Treatments, Lip Treatments Herself

Katy runs a very successful permanent makeup business herself. Her clients travel the length of the country to use her services. View more videos on the treatments page to see some recent client video testimonials for eyebrow treatments, Eyeliner treatments and Permanent Lip enhancements. Do you want your clients to be saying the same about you?

“The Shape is Fantastic – It Make Me Looks Younger…”
(Click here or the image above to see more client testimonials)
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Katy Specialises Purely in Permanent Makeup, & Permanent Makeup Training

Katy employs a team of beauty experts, trainers, Doctors, marketing & PR specialists. Katy herself specialises purely in permanent makeup, & permanent makeup training. The Permanent Makeup Training Academy believe it is important to not dabble in and out of permanent cosmetics as it is very specialist, many training companies trainers often also offer nails, eyelash extensions etc.


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Katy is especially known for her ‘natural simulated hair stroke technique’

Katy the head trainer of ‘The Permanent Makeup Training Academy’ is especially known for her ‘natural simulated hair stroke technique’. She was hired to train some of the top para-medical cancer care tattooists in the art of creating the most natural looking eyebrows for their cancer patients.

 permanent eyebrow tattoo

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Katy was voted Sussex Woman Of The Year 2014

Woaman-of-the-Year-2014-Katy-JobbinsOn Friday 18th July 2014, Katy was crowned the “Woman of the Year” for two separate awards. Katy was shortlisted as Judges finalist in 5 separate categories. Those were Success Story, Woman in Business, Mum of the Year, Hair n Beauty & Woman in Education.

Katy won the Woman of the year for Success Story which was a fabulous achievement however the Judges then selected Katy as overall Woman of the Year Woman chosen from all winners across the 15 categories, which was quite some achievement given the calibre of the other ladies in the room.

The judges commented that they were so impressed with Katy’s nominations that she could have won any of the categories she was shortlisted for, which is why they crowned her the Woman of the Year Overall Winner.


Katy was voted Woman Of The Year 2013 in the Hair & Beauty Industry

On Friday 22nd November 2013, Katy was crowned the “Woman of the Year” for the hair and beauty Industry, by former Olympic Champion & OBE Sally Gunnell

Katy and Sally Gunnell At Woman of the Year Awards

Katy Celebrating with Sally Gunnel OBE

Katy Accepting Woman of the Year Award Katy being presented with her Award

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In 2013 Katy was also named
Runner up or Short listed as Judges Finalist
for no less than 6 other major awards including:

  • Best Education & Training Award

  • Best Customer Service Award

  • Star of the Future Award

  • 2013 Business Personality of the Year Award

  • Innovation in Business Award

  • Readers Choice Award

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The Permanent Makeup Training Academy was awarded with the prestigious ‘Innovation in Business’ award

In July 2012 The Permanent Makeup Training Academy was awarded with the prestigious ‘Innovation in Business’ award at the 2012 Business Matters Awards for taking the industry by storm with new advanced techniques and training practices.


Katy Jobbins Receiving Winner 2012 Innovation in Business Award From TV Presenter Fred Dinage

Katy Pictured with TV Presenter Fred Dinange
at the Innovation In Business Award Presentation

Permanent Makeup Training Academy Wins Innovation in Business Award 2012

Katy Receiving the Innovation In Business Award 2012


Here are a number of reasons why Katy won the award…

  • Innovating New Procedures Which Have Been Adopted By Other Training Companies In The Industry
  • Constantly At the Forefront Of the Permanent Makeup Industry
  • Huge Student Success Rate Following 1-on-1 Training Courses
  • Constantly Updating and Improving Training Course, Methods & Content
  • Developing New Products To Match Students Needs

Also In 2013 One of Katy’s Students won a Runners Up Business Matter Award for Readers Choice…

Permanent Makeup Training Academy on Judges Shortlist for 4 Major Awards at the Business Matters Awards 2013

In 2013 The Permanent Makeup Academy were on Judges Shortlist for 4 Major Awards

Amy Packer was also Shortlisted for the Best New Business Award 2013 just 6 months after training with Katy

Katy's Student on the Stage receiving her award

Katy’s Student, Amy Packer, on Stage Receiving
the Runners Up Readers Choice Award

Katy and Amy Celebrate Amy's Award

 Amy Packer & Katy Jobbins Celebrating Amy’s first Award Win at the
Business Matter 2013 Awards Ceremony

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Katy was awarded the ‘Crème de la Crème’ award for ‘Outstanding Achievement ‘ in her field

Katy has recently been awarded the ‘Crème de la Crème’ award for ‘Outstanding Achievement ‘ in her field, previously won by the Billionaire, Sir Richard Branson. This followed her award for ‘Best Customer Focus’ at the Best Business Awards in 2009.


Sir Richard-Branson & katy Jobbins both previous winners of the Creme de la Crame Award

Best Business Awards

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Katy has authored many books and articles on Permanent Makeup procedures and techniques

She is an author of over 10 permanent makeup related books (including her bestseller “Top Secrets & Tips to Becoming an Expert Permanent Makeup Technician.”), training manuals & reports.

KatyJobbins-Author-Permanent-Makeup-books blank divider

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Learn Pioneering Specialist Techniques

Katy has pioneered an exclusive new natural hair-stroke marbling permanent eyebrow technique for blondes, brunettes & women with silver hair. Click on the reports below to view her exclusive treatments. By training with us you will learn these 3 world exclusive treatments, commanding up to £700 per hour.

(Click the book covers to read them – PDF opens up in new browser window)

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Katy Is In the Top 2% of Qualified Permanent Makeup Trainers in the UK

She is qualified to the highest level of permanent makeup,making her in the top 2% in the UK. She has had extensive training in the UK, Thailand, Malyasia, Singapore & the United States of America. She has also trained alongside Harley Street technicians, Plastic Surgeons, Harrods, Selfridges & Harvey Nichols permanent makeup technicians.

Katy also features regularly on the Ask the Expert Panel in National Beauty Magazines

Katy Jobbins Regularly Features in the Salon Today Magazine on the Ask the Expert Panel(Click here or the image to see more press coverage on Katy Jobbins)


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Katy’s DVD’s Continue to Inspire Permanent Makeup Technicians all around the World…

Katys online video tutorials have helped train over 100,000 permanent make up technicians to date in the art of permanent make up.


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Katy’s first Permanent Makeup Eyebrow Tutorial YouTube
Video has over 80,000 views alone!…

Katy's Permamnet Makeup Tutorial YouTube video goes viral with over 80,000 views
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Learn Top Business Strategies That Come Direct From The Best Of The Best

Katy Jobbins Has attended and been mentored by many business seminars held by Global Top Businessmen

Because we have spent years and years working in the industry & and personally attended hundreds of business training seminars with the likes of Sir Richard Branson, Sir Alan Sugar, Dragon’s Den Peter Jones & Doug Richards, as well as with the billionaire, Donald Trump, learning how to develop winning business strategies of which we have successfully applied to the permanent makeup industry and that we can pass on to you.

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Exclusive Business & Marketing Workshop in Permanent Makeup…

Unlike any other permanent makeup training company, the Permanent Makeup Training Academy also run exclusive 3 Day Permanent Makeup Marketing Masterclasses for both our qualified technicians & those who have originally trained elsewhere. Our award winning marketing experts teach you how to create your business plan, setting up clinics, becoming the go-to-expert in your local area & how to command the top prices in the industry for the best treatments.


“After Just Day 1 of the Marketing Course We Got Our Site On Page 1 of Google!…”
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Books, DVD’s & CD’s which continue to  help you after your training

The Permanent Makeup Training Academy has produced a large selection of training DVD’s, manuals & workbooks, exclusive to us, that can be used to help aid your continuing progress as a permanent makeup technician.

How To Perform The Ultimate Permanent Eyelash & Eyeliner Enhancement Dvd
How To Perform The Ultimate Permanent Lip Enhancement Dvd
How To Perform The Ultimate Permanent Eyebrow Procedure Dvd cover
Workbook Permanent Eyebrows

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Permanent Makeup Colour Theory DVD
Permanent Makeup Master Class DVD Set
Permanent Makeup Master Class 15 DVD set image
Permanent Makeup Business Boot Camp Audio CD Series

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You Get Certified & Insured

Upon Completion of your course you get your full permanent makeup training certificate & we even pay for your first years permanent makeup insurance, which covers both Treatment Risk Insurance and Public Liability Insurance.

Permanent Makeup Training Academy Certificate
1 years free insurance logo

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Find Out How Some Of Our Students Have Got Since Completing Their Training

Full Time Wages With Part Time Hours In 6 Months

Less Than 12 Months On And I Make Over £500 Per Hour

Sack Your Boss… I did Within A Month!!!

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“Already featured in an industry magazine* & been nominated for multiple awards just 8 months
after training with the Permanent Makeup Training Academy..”

(*-Guild News Magazine – October 2013 Page 130-131)

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Here are some examples of the quality student’s work on real clients
once they have completed their training with the Permanent Training Academy


Students of the Permanent Makeup Training Academy Send in Images of their fine work to show how well they are getting on in Permanent Makeup post training

(click here or the image to see more examples)


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This could be your clients reaction in less than 3 months time…

Not sure if you could make it as a permanent makeup technician?   If you have any doubts, then please watch this 3 minute video below.  This is a video that one of our recent students made showing her clients reaction to her new permanent eyebrows.   Unbelievably, this video was made less than 3 month after Amy trained with us at The Permanent Makeup Training Academy!!!

“I Really Think This Is Going To Be Life Changing!..”
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Still not convinced that we are the one for you?

Watch this video to see why you should choose the ‘Permanent Makeup Training Academy.’

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If You Are Ready To Change Your Life & Start Your Training Then

Call Us on Tel: 01444 300157

To book a Complete Permanent Makeup Start-up Course,
Your re-training course,
or one of our Advanced Training Workshops.


You can also download the Complete Permanent Makeup Start-up Training Course Prospectus using the form below:

Download the 2014 Permanent Makeup
Training Course Prospectus Now & Train 1 on 1 With The 2014 Sussex Woman of the Year!
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The Permanent Makeup Training Academy Ltd is registered with the UK Register of Learning Providers: No. 10040013

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