Pink Quote MarkThe company I went with before didn’t offer me any kind of back up and support like Katy does. I haven’t found that they have been there in the same way as you guys. If you have a slight question that veers off of something they trained you in, they say to you ‘Oh, we didn’t train you in that, so you didn’t pay to train in that, so we are not going to answer any questions on that.’ I thought that was an enormous smack in the face.”

Jan Retrained Testimonial of Training In Permanent Makeup with Katy Jobbins
Janet, Retrained Permanent Makeup Artist, Sussex

Pink Quote MarkI wanted to move to the next level in my beauty career. It’s a lot nicer just being 1 on 1 with just me and Katy. If I ever needed anything she’s always there for my full attention. I would definitely recommend anyone who was looking to do permanent makeup training to come here.”

Alex Beauty Therapist Chelmsford
Alex, Permanent Makeup Artist, Chelmsford

Pink Quote MarkThe reason I chose you, was because you cared. I phoned up and you were on the phone for about 40 minutes explaining all the processes etc. whereas with other companies I got, ‘that’s the brochure, there you go. Off you go.’ Whereas with you guys there was a personal touch and this course has exceeded my expectations.”

Jane Salon Owner
Jane, Permanent Makeup Artist, Lyme Regis

Pink Quote MarkI was looking for something where I could be based at home. This fitted the bill for me as I wanted the flexibility to be able to work whenever necessary. Katy’s training is really easy going and I didn’t once feel uncomfortable or like I was going to make a mistake. I would recommend it to anyone.”

Karen Chichester
Karen, Permanent Makeup Artist, Chichester