Pink Quote MarkYou got to do the practice, look at the theory and then it all falls into place and Katy is there.  … You have to know exactly what you are going to do and how you are going to do it and that is how Katy breaks it down and makes it easier for you to do each little step of the way. Then the results are brilliant. … I’m very impressed with myself 🙂 – I think she is covering absolutely everything and the pace and everything is perfect. I couldn’t change anything. … You can’t beat the one on one!”

Polly paramedic Yorkshire had Permanent Makeup Training with Katy Jobbins
Polly, Paramedic, Yorkshire

Pink Quote MarkI traveled 7 hours to train here. I came because of Katy’s reputation in her industry and the fact its all 1 to 1. I’m not embarrassed to ask any questions. I’m quite surprised about the methods used and what it looked like at the end. It was a correctional work. It’s good to see how it can go wrong and how great it looked at the end. The client was so happy she booked in for eyeliner tomorrow.”

Ruth Body Piercing Specialist Newcastle had Permanent Makeup Training with Katy Jobbins
Ruth, Body Piercing & Modification Specialist, Newcastle

I trained with Katy last week and I have got 23 Clients booked in for January already and getting lots of referrals from my clients.  I’ve done 3 clients this week, which all went well. I’ve done an offer in January for my case studies, clients have been saying how pain-free it was and are now referring people to me. I couldn’t have asked for any more really. Thanks for all the training and support. Its been a great week.”

Natalie Marketing Consultant Sussex had Permanent Makeup Training with Katy Jobbins
Natalie, Marketing Consultant, Sussex

Pink Quote MarkKaty trained my sister a year ago and she’s doing really well and enjoying permanent makeup so I trained too. She’s really busy. Now my children are going to school we were thinking we could do something together. I used to work for an investment bank so this is completely different. I wanted to be my own boss. I’m really enjoying doing permanent makeup.”

Emma investment banker Essex had Permanent Makeup Training with Katy Jobbins
Emma, Investment Banker, Essex