Pink Quote MarkI’m looking forward to having a lie down now. I feel really confident with what I have learned here. I looked around the world for the best trainer in permanent makeup. I was having a few doubts about coming so far, but Katy’s a really good trainer. I’m really pleased, in fact, I’m going to come back to the UK in a couple of months to do the marketing course with you guys.”

Yani from Hong Kong testimonial of Training In Permanent Makeup with Katy Jobbins
Yani, Flew from Hong Kong for Training

Pink Quote MarkI’ve learned so much. Katy’s a Superwoman. How she does everything that she does, I have no idea. She’s just amazing, absolutely brilliant. I’d recommend it to anybody. It’s not like any other course. If you want to learn permanent makeup then do it here because she is a guru. She knows everyone, everything, she’s done so much and she’s the person to learn from.”

Jade homepage testimonial image
Jade, Spa Manager for Cruise Ships & Qualified Beauty Therapist from Essex

Pink Quote MarkI wanted the best training I could get…After looking into the competition I found Katy’s company was the best. I’m amazed, she’s a genius. I’ve got around 40 people lined up treatments. Katy’s so amazing, she’s so patient, had time to teach me everything and just a really lovely person as well & so easy to talk to… She really encourages you every step of the way as well.”

Sam Homepage testimonial image
Sam, Worked As a Beauty Assistant With Christian Dior, From Folkestone

Pink Quote MarkI didn’t think I’d be any good at it. Katy explains things in a way that makes it very easy to learn it. The course has been brilliant and is the best thing I’ve ever done. Its been everything and more, like a home from home. I’d recommend it one hundred and fifty thousand percent!”

Charlotte Homepage testimonial image
Charlotte, Office Administrator, from Essex

Pink Quote MarkThe reason I chose you, was because you cared. I phoned up and you were on the phone for about 40 minutes explaining all the processes etc. where as with other companies I got, ‘that’s the brochure, there you go. Off you go.”

Jane Salon Owner
Jane, Beauty Specialist of 27 years from Lyme Regis

Pink Quote MarkI work 3 days a week now and am doing about £8,000-£9,000 a month for 3 days a week. My average week, when I was just doing beauty, was £500, but now I’m on about £2,000 a week and this is just my first year.”

Courtney Homepage testimonial image
Courtney, Eyelash Extension Specialist & Mum from Exeter

Pink Quote MarkI wanted to do something different, a new challenge for me and something that I think I will really enjoy. Katy’s there the whole time, you can’t go wrong. I can’t believe how much I’ve learned.”

Lucy Homepage testimonial image
Lucy, Quantity Surveyor from Liverpool